The BLI 200 – Our smallest incineration system, ideal for individual cremations or small vet offices. Maximum load of 200 pounds with a maximum incineration rate of 50 pounds per hour.

The BLI 400 – A popular size for veterinarians & small facilities, this system can be loaded with up to 400 pounds of animal remains, of single pet cremations. The BLI 400 has a maximum efficiency of 75 pounds per hour.

BLI 400 M4 ANIMAL INCINERATORThe BLI 400 M4 – We have customized our popular BLI 400 model to be able to perform up to 4 separate cremations simultaneously, thereby lowering fuel consumption considerably. Each compartment has its own burner, timer, and entry/exit door. Maximum load of each compartment is 35 pounds.

BLI 800 ANIMAL INCINERATORThe BLI 800 – A very popular size for small county or animal control facilities, this system has a maximum load of 800 pounds and a destruction rate of 150 pounds per hour.

This unit is also available in a Multi-Door configuration.

BLI 800 M4 ANIMAL INCINERATORThe BLI 800 M4 – A variation on the BLI 800 for facilities wanting to process multiple separated cremations, the BLI 800 M4 has 4 separate compartments to process up to 4 individual cremations at the same time. Each compartment has its own burner, timer and entry/exit door, and can hold an animal up to 100 pounds.

BLI 1500 ANIMAL INCINERATORThe BLI 1500 – This system is ideal for county animal control facilities or larger pet crematories, as it can hold up to 1500 pounds of deceased animals in one load. This system has a maximum burn rate of 250 pounds per hour.

BLI 2500 ANIMAL INCINERATORThe BLI 2500 – Our large batch incinerator can handle loads of up to 2500 pounds. This system has a maximum burning capacity of 250 pounds per hour.

BLI 5000 ANIMAL INCINERATORThe BLI 5000 – System is available as either a batch load or continuous feed incinerator. Its maximum burn rate is 550 pounds per hour.


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