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B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. continues to be the industry leader in the design engineering and manufacturing of state of the art cremation equipment. Our designs have set the standard that others try to follow worldwide. Do not be fooled by competitive imitations. Contact us directly for a quote on the original design by B&L Cremation Systems.

We are the largest family-owned, independent crematory manufacturer in the world. Since our inception, B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. has striven to perfect the packaged cremation retort. We offer human crematories, animal crematories, animal incinerators, medical/pathological waste incinerators, human lift tables, animal lift tables, human remains processors, animal remains processors, temporary urns and mailers for both humans and animals, carbon signature urns for both humans and animals, three body and walk-in coolers, safety equipment, crematory services, and much more.

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Designs engineered by B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. have not only changed today’s crematories but have changed the entire industry. We were the first to introduce the cremation market to fuel saving materials, such as ceramics, multi-door animal crematories, separate remains removal systems, and most notably, the Hot Hearth System. Our sleek and innovative designs set new standards that others are eager to follow.

If you don’t see exactly what you need in our equipment inventory, let our experienced engineers customize your system to fit your needs. Custom fabrication can include different fuels, larger burn rates (pounds per hour), larger chamber volumes, on-site fabrication, and many other custom features. Please contact us with your requirements, and we will be happy to quote a system customized for you.

For over 30 years, B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. has grown to become the recognized leader in the cremation industry. We set the standard in cremation machines which others attempt to follow.



Cremation Equipment Spotlight

B&L Cremation Systems is developing a facility spotlight for our website. This spotlight will feature a “facility of the month” incorporating text and photos that highlight a unique facility, and exhibit their B&L cremation equipment that defines simple, dignified cremation services.

Click Here for FACILITY Spotlight – Regency Forest Pet Memorial Park

If you are already a B&L Cremation Systems customer, please fill in the form below to be considered for a spotlight appearance on our website. If you would like to be included and need a B&L Cremation Machine installation, select Need Cremation Equipment and a representative will contact you.



Monthly Specials

Please call your representative at 1-800-622-5411 for our monthly specials on cremation equipment and accessories such as urns and coffin discounts. You may also view our clearance items by clicking here.

Download our partner’s 2016 CANA Statistics Handout “featuring final 2014 data, newly released 2015 data, and projections to 2020 for cremation trends”


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