Training Programs

Protecting the Environment – Your Responsibility

Goal is to familiarize you with:
1. What the environmental concerns are related to cremation.
2. What air pollutants are important.

Objectives upon completing this session, you should be able to:
1. Identify environmental concerns related to cremation.
2. Lists the types of air pollutants of concern that could be emitted to the atmosphere from crematories.
3. Recognize your role in preventing air pollutants.

The Operator’s Role 

It is the operator’s role and responsibility to protect the environment by:
1. Complying with all emission limits and operating practices specified in your permit to operate.
2. Minimizing emissions of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and organic compounds through proper operation of your equipment.
3. Minimizing particulate matter emission from ash handling.
4. Performing regular maintenance inspections to catch any operational problems early.

Basic Combustion Principles

Goal is to familiarize you with:
1. Basic combustion terminology.
2. How the combustion process works and how you affect the process.
3. Indicators of good combustion and poor combustion.

Objective is to familiarize you with:
1. List the three factors that are needed for combustion to occur.
2. List the combustion products that are generated under good combustion and poor combustion conditions.
3. Describe the relationship between the amount of fuel, air, and waste.
4. Describe how combustion air requirements are affected by the combustion process.
5. Describe what happens when you have too much or too little combustion air.
6. Estimate the heating value off different types of cremations.
7. Describe how the combustion gas oxygen level is related to combustion air.
8. Define opacity and describe what happens to opacity under poor combustion conditions.
9. Recognize the definitions of these terms:
– Heating value
– Stoichiometric (theoretical) air
– Excess air
– Products of incomplete combustion
– Starved air

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Maintenance & Upgrades

We provide full service, maintenance and repair on any equipment.

Our factory trained technicians conduct a 100+ point inspection & will fix any problem you are experiencing with your retort.
We can Tune-up & Inspect all makes & models of crematories including but not limited to:

-American Crematory
-B&L Cremation Systems
-Cremation Systems
-Facultative Technologies
-Matthews Cremation
-U.S. Cremation

Whether you are looking to service and/or upgrade your current system, we will make sure the job is done successfully by our highly skilled technicians all over the world.
We also provide troubleshooting on any combustion equipment and will calibrate your unit in order to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize pollution.


Flame Relays



Door Pumps


Refractory Repair

We can do Partial Repairs or Complete Repairs

If you are in need of refractory repairs or upgrades to your existing cremation equipment, you owe it to yourself to call the professionals.
Our Factory Trained Refractory Technicians can work on all makes & models of cremation retorts

We provide:
-Hearth Floor Repairs & Replacements
-Side Wall Repairs & Replacements
-After Chamber Repairs & Replacements
-Stack Relines
-Complete Refractory Rebuilds


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Replacement Crematory Parts

B&L offers a full line of spare parts in stock for all major crematory manufacturers.

These parts include the following:

Thermocouple 12″, 18″, 24″

Thermocouple Wire

Thermocouple Heads

Thermocouple Blocks

Ceramic Protection Tube 12″, 18″, 24″

Element 12″, 18′, 24″

Midco Electrode Assy J121

Midco Electrode Assy J122-J83

Midco Butterfly Valve

Greyspring Air Switch

Antunned Air Switch

Actuator EMP 423-3

MIC 2000



Eclipse MVTA82 Burner
-Spark Ignitor # 16927
-Flame Rod #13093-5

Eclipse MVTA104 Burner
-Spark Ignitor #18193-1
-Flame Rod #12093-3

Eclipse JIB236 Burner
-Spark Ignitor #16946-6
-Flame Rod #1309303

Eclipse Thermal Switch

Eclipse Flame Relay-Purge

Eclipse Flame Relay-No Purge

Eclipse UV Relay-No Purge

Eclipse UV Scanner

Eclipse TJ150 & TJ050
-Spark Ignitor #16927-1
-Flame Rod #13312-9


Tadpole Gasket

Transformer Ignition

Honeywell Relay #R890

Honeywell Damper Motor

Mini Peeper

Cool Down Timer


Light Module 24V

Light Bulbs

2 & 3 Position Switches

Bulb Replacement Tool

110 V Fuses FNQ-15 AMPS

Battery Charger

Igintion Wire