Touchscreen Crematory

Effective and Easy to Use!


Our touchscreen operating system completely controls the cremation process, making less room for user error.  Our system also allows you to log-in with a username and password before you operate the machine.  You may then enter the I.D., name, and weight of the deceased while our storage and retrieval system allows you to keep track of every cremation done.

An ethernet cable port, located on the inside door of the control panel, allows you to plug into the Internet, and have our crematory technicians troubleshoot any problems you may have right from our facility, no matter where you are in the world.  The system is designed to operate either a two burner machine, using an afterburner and a cremation burner, or a three burner machine, which has in addition, an emission control burner.  The system can be readily adapted to either human or animal machines.

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