Today’s pet cremation market is much different than yesteryears. Pet owners, aka “pet parents”, treat their pets like their children. Maybe it’s a generation millennial thing, or maybe it is just that we have a better understanding of animal behavior & feelings. Whatever it may be, people are attached to their furry kids now, more than ever. Unfortunately, like all things living our pets will one day die. The heartbreak is real and people need true closure, just as the loss of a family member. People want their pets treated with as much dignity and respect as a human-begin. This translates into one thing: private pet cremation.

Our pets are like children. We love them dearly and the lost of one can be a deep loss that needs true closure.

The consumer is much more aware with the use of the internet, which is good for all of us as we all benefit from greater oversight. You as a crematory owner have most likely had the same question from pet families, “How do I know I will be receiving my pet back?” We have all seen the news stories of pet crematories selling “private pet cremations” only to be found out that they are doing communals. Lawsuits & complete lack of public trust shortly follow. While I know no-one reading this would ever do such a thing, what stops the public from assuming the worst about you and your business? The answer: Multi-chamber Pet Crematories. When you can take your clients into your viewing room and/or operators room & show them 3 to 10 individual private pet chambers with individual doors, burners & partition walls, families will trust you and you will have a dedicated client for life. As a pet owner myself, I know that I will be having my best friend cremated with dignity, not piled in as we do with roadkill. So do yourself & your community a favor and invest in a multi-chamber pet crematory. Families will gladly pay more for private pet cremation and the community will look at you with trust and respect.
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“We seem to love our pets now a days as much or even more than our family members”