The NFDA’s Cremation and Burial Report showed the 48 percent of Americans chose cremation in 2015, and 50 percent chose cremation in 2016. The NFDA believes the trend will continue shifting, and that by 2035, 78 percent of Americans will choose cremation over burials.

As funeral homes and crematoriums around the United States become more and more aware of the growing demand for cremations, the more change has occurred within the industry. Already, 30 percent of funeral homes in the United States have made the decision to open crematories, and 9 percent intend to open one within the next five years.
Religion and age are two major contributing factors to the rate of chance in cremation vs. burial. According to the NFDA, non-religious Americans are most likely to consider cremation for family and friends. Since 2012 there has been a 10 percent drop in the percentage of Americans who see religion as a valuable element of a funeral. Age, as well, has a direct impact on the funeral industry. Americans 80 years old and older are less likely to be cremated and more likely to opt for burial, while the younger generations have already made the shift toward cremation.

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