Features Of The N-20AA Human Crematory

CONTROL SYSTEM AND POLLUTION MONITORING – This system constantly monitors the stack gases to prevent visible emissions.  Integrated with the automatic system, this feature enables the unit to make all necessary adjustments automatically.

FULLY-AUTOMATIC CONTROL SEQUENCE – Operation is made simple by the fully-automatic control sequence.  A microprocessor temperature controller with a digital readout ensures optimum control while providing the lowest fuel consumption.  Visual verification of each stage is provided on the control panel.  Operator override is achieved by a turn of a switch for semi-manual control.

HOT HEARTH DESIGN – First introduced by B&L, this design allows for wasted afterburning heat to be recycled through the floor, eliminating fluid problems, lowering fuel consumption, and extending the hearth life.

HYDRAULIC LOADING DOOR – Push-button operated, this feature enables the operator to open the door to the desired height from the control panel.  An important safety feature for busy installations, it provides better fuel efficiency and longer refractory life.

LOW NOISE – The secondary combustion blower has been manufactured and installed to allow for low noise operation.

MULTI-CHAMBER AIR CONTROLLED DESIGN – The entire combustion process is completed within the air controlled chambers, allowing for 24 hour operation, eliminating burning in the stack, and providing for greater fuel efficiency over excess air designs.

REFRACTORY – Our exclusive features are high-duty refractory walls in all chambers and six inch, 3,000 degree Farenheit high-duty bricks in all non-insulating areas.  The hearth is cast from 3,000 degree Farenheit abrasive resistant material, and the main chamber ceiling is insulating firebrick to provide better fuel efficiency and longevity.

REFRACTORY LINED STACK – A three inch insulating liner is provided as a safety feature.  While gases seldom exceed 1,000 degrees Farenheit, the liner reduces heat penetration under every condition, preventing the possibility of fire.  A ten year warranty is offered on the stack liner.

REMAINS REMOVAL SYSTEM – A separate remains removal door, located on the side of the unit, is included to enable the operator to push the remains to the rear of the chamber, reducing heat loss and thermal shock as the loading door needs only to be opened six to eight inches for removal.  A stainless steel cooling pan is located on the outside of the unit to prevent fluid contamination.

STAINLESS STEEL FRONT – More than just aesthetics.  Stainless steel is easy to clean, while also providing a professional finish to your equipment…an important feature when considering a viewing.

STARTUP – Startup is made easy, as our units are fully piped, tested, and wired prior to shipment from the factory.  Once the machine has been off-loaded and the stack and utilities hooked up, our factory-trained crematory technicians are available for startup and training service for up to five people.

TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS – Our ten inch touchscreen operating system completely controls the cremation process, making less room for user error.  Our system also allows you to log in with a username and password before you operate the machine.  You may then enter the I.D., name, and weight of the deceased while our storage and retrieval system allows you to keep track of every cremation done.  An ethernet cable port, located on the inside door of the control panel, allows you to plug into the Internet and have our crematory technicians troubleshoot any problems you may have right from our facility, no matter where you are in the world.