Human Cremation Machines

B&L Cremation Systems manufacture two different series of Human Cremation Equipment. Offering 3 classes in each series, there design varies depending on weight and quantity of cremations.

All Retort Packages Include the Following: One Retort, 10′ of Refractory Lined Stack, Painted Exterior on N-20SA and N-20, Stainless Steel Front on N-20AA and Phoenix Series, One Storm Collar, One Set Clean-Out Tools, One Remains Collection Tray, Environmental Submittal Information and Start-up, Color Touch Screen PLC Controller on Models N-20AA and Phoenix Series.

Please Note: Multiple purchases will affect prices. Please contact the sales department for further information. Some state requirements may add to the cost.

Production Levels: As you will note in the information provided, we offer six distinct models that are designed to meet the various demand levels or needs of your crematory. The information is based on an average 8 hour day and a 5 day work week. Obviously, if you are operational 24 hours a day, then your production will increase.

The above information should give you a general idea as to which machine would best suit your needs. As you can see, they are designed to be very basic with manual operational features to fully automated features to allow for the level of operation that best meets your needs. All machines can be modified for your facility including chamber numbers and structure design.


N-20 Series

The N-20 series is designed for low to medium volume production levels and weight capabilities.

N-20SA Entry level machine – 150 lbs/hr – 2-3 cremations per an 8 hr.
period or approx. 260 cremations a year.

N-20 Mid-range machine – 150 lbs/hr – 3-4 cremations per an 8 hr.
period or approx. 500 cremations a year.

N-20AA Medium production machine – medium volume – 150 lbs/hr
4-5 cremations per an 8 hr. period or 1000 cremations a year.


The PHOENIX series design is based on high production level and weight capabilities.



Phoenix II-1 Designed for oversized bodies – 150 lbs/hr – 24 hr. operation
or 1500 cremations a year.

Phoenix II-2 Medium-high volume machine – 150 lbs/hr – 24 hr. operation or 2500 cremations a year – cremation time 70-90 min. (average)

Phoenix II-3 High volume machine – cremations every 60-75 minutes (average) or up to 3500 cremations a year – the workhorse of the industry.