The inspiration for our horse hair pottery is a modern continuation of an old apache tradition for honoring a fallen war horse. They believed this process kept the spirit of the horse always present.

Only the finest porcelain is used to create this line of pottery items. Each piece we create is burnished, then hand polished and buffed to a mirror finish. The clay pieces are then bisque fried in preparation for the raku process.

We then place several bisque pieces in an outdoor gas kiln and when the temperature reaches 1000 degrees, We quickly remove these pieces and at the precise moment we “lay” the horse hair onto the hot pottery piece. As the hair is consumed by the heat it twists and curls. The carbon the very DNA of the hair penetrates the piece becoming an original never to be duplicated again.

Of all the forms of pottery creations, this method may be the most unique. It combines not only the skill of the artist but also the unpredictable forces of nature.

Tall and round urns come in large, medium, and small sizes. Due to the handmade aspect of these urns,
the sizes are approximate.

Tall Fuchsia Cremated Remains Urn
Tall Fuchsia
Tall Fuchsia Cremated Remains Urn
Round Fuchsia
Tall Ivory Cremated Remains Urn
Tall Ivory
Tall Ivory Cremated Remains Urn
Round Ivory
Keepsake Ivory
Keepsake Fuchsia