Pet Rigid Table

Our rigid pet loading table enables the operator to place the deceased pet into the crematory with ease. The stainless steel top with bumper sides ensures that the pet is contained during movement of the table. This system is available to fit all leading manufacturers equipment.

SpecificationU.S StandardMetric

Height:40″1016 mm
Width:30″762 mm
Length:36″914.4 mm
Weight:60 lbs27.2 Kg
Body Weight Capability:500 lbs227 Kg

BL-25M Hydraulic Lift Table

BL-25M Hydraulic Lift Tablehydraulic crematory lifting table
The BL 25M is our standard when it comes to quality of lift tables. With the capability of lifting 500 lbs, this is the lift table that will suit your needs. Fully equipped, this lift table comes with a 1/3 horse power motor designed for lifting loads between 100 lbs and 400 lbs with ease. Since fuel efficiency is a top priority for B&L, a digital weight scale can be added for accurate body weight, in turn adding ease to the operator’s job of lifting and loading. All the electronics are powered by a 12 volt battery mounted at the base. The top is lined with 6 alloy rollers with spring loaded pins for easy removal/exchange. There are 2 brakes located at the front and rear of the rollers and are controlled by using the red handle lever at the front of the lift table.

Digital Body Weight Scale

Accurate body weight is essential for fuel efficiency.
*All B&L lift tables have the option to upgrade to a digital scale system

SpecificationU.S. StandardMetric
Capacity:500 lbs227 Kg
Raised Height:54″1372 mm
Lowered Height:22″559 mm
Weight:400 lbs.181.5 Kg
Table Size:22″ x 72″559 mm x 1829 mm
Total Length:79″2007 mm


12 Volt Battery with Charger

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