B & L Cremation Accessory Shop

Our mission is to perfect Human and Animal Cremation equipment, while offering service and products that are second to none.

B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. was founded by Dr. Steve Looker in 1985 in Largo, Florida. Dr. Looker was born in England in 1957, and moved to Canada for work in 1975. His service to the death care industry began when he started working for Nortech Research and Engineering in Ontario. In 1984 Dr. Looker and his wife, Sue, made the decision to move to the United States to establish B&L Cremation Systems, which later opened in March of 1985 in Largo, Florida. The original manufacturing site was located at the Oxford Industries building on 118th Avenue North in a 2,000 square foot facility.

In 1986, B&L manufactured its first crematory system designed for the James E. Reese Funeral Home in Seminole, Florida. This was the first human crematory to incorporate the Hot Hearth system, which has since been incorporated into most leading manufacturers’ designs.

As B&L continued to expand, Dr. Looker decided to move to a new, 5,500 square foot building in Clearwater, Florida in 1990. It wasn’t until the company moved to this location that they added the production of human and animal model crematories, as well as other solid waste incinerators to be manufactured all over America. As the growth of B&L continued, so did the size of its manufacturing space in order to keep pace with sales. In 1995 the company moved to its current location at 7205 114th Ave North, in Largo. The original building was 17,500 square feet, but was later extended in 1998 to 23,500 square feet.

Dr. Looker purchased a 5 acre Commerce Center through SL Property Leasing, LLC in 2007 to allow 62,500 square feet for B&L’s new line of animal incinerators, the BLI series. B&L continues to lead the industry with innovations that provide customers with equipment that is long lasting, and environmentally friendly. With both of Dr. Looker’s sons, Kevin and Gary, now working at the company, the family operations will only continue to flourish.



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