B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. | Training FAQ

1. Is it possible for one person to operate a retort from beginning to end?  How easy is it?

Our systems are fully automated; we have just one main timer, an on/off switch, and four other switches that are set to automatic for most cremations.  We have incorporated a casket cycle for those times that a wooden casket is used, and our whole process is temperature controlled from beginning to end for one-person operation.

2. What type of training is required to operate the retort?  Who will provide the required training?

Our factory-trained personnel will train your operator in the correct maintenance and operating procedures during the start-up of your equipment at your facility.  At the completion of the training program, we will provide you with a certificate of completion for your records.

3. Can we expect a refresher course on the retort as information and education change?

Yes; we offer in-house classes at your facility that can be held at the same time that we recalibrate and tune-up the equipment. We also offer group training sessions for associations.