B&L Cremation Systems, Inc. | Maintenance FAQ

1. How many years does the average retort last before a new one has to be purchased?

In our experience, the average life of our systems exceeds 20 years.  We, as a company, return to our existing installations periodically and offer upgrades that may not have been available when the original equipment was purchased, thereby adding years of use to the equipment.  We have a staff of technical support personnel who can perform on-site repairs or rebuild your system and keep the unit at optimum operation.

2. With new technology coming out, how adaptable is the retort to the new technology?  Can it be updated?

We are constantly working on new ideas to bring to the cremation industry.  In fact, we have brought out more new innovations to this industry than all of the other manufacturers combined.  While working on our research and development, we keep in mind the existing equipment and, whenever possible, keep the new items within the parameters and size of the older units so upgrade costs will be minimized.

3. What is the most common maintenance required?  How often is it recommended?

The most common maintenance is the yearly tune-up and calibration, and should be performed once per year or every 500 cremations, which ever comes first.

4. After how many cases do we have to perform scheduled or preventative maintenance?

Our recommended maintenance is every 500 cremations or annually.  Cremation systems vibrate slightly due to the air blowers, and this vibration can cause changes in the air input and fuel systems.  This is why we recommend a system service and recalibration.

5. What is the average cost per year and per cremation to maintain the retort?

The average cost to maintain the system is $1,000.00 per year.  However, we recommend that you open a maintenance fund and you place ten dollars per cremation in the fund.  When it is time to replace the hearth, you will have between $15,000.00 and $20,000.00 for a project that costs about $6,000.00.

6. What is the average number of days per year that the retort will be out of operation due to maintenance or repairs?

On an average basis, no more than five days per year should be missed due to maintenance or repairs.

7. Is there someone local to keep up the maintenance and to call for repairs?

We have six service technicians and five refractory installers to handle all your repair needs.  We operate a 24 hour maintenance hotline and can remedy most problems over the telephone.  Should a service call be required, we would send the closest available tech to your location.